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PoPsy exists to teach practical positive psychology to parents, educators and organisations, so that they can learn, live and embed the evidence based strategies for flourishing.

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More joy, hope, love and serenity
Increased coping, less stress, anxiety and depression
Your Strengths
More authentic and meaningful connections
Resilience, optimism and courage
Positive habits for flourishing
PoPsy is grounded in science, delivered with love.
Introducing Marie McLeod - PoPsy Founder

MarieMcLeodMarie is mum to twins, Jess and Fin (aged 10) and Jamie (aged 8 and not a twin, phew!). She is partner to Gary, the tall guy with the Scottish accent.

Marie holds a Bachelor of Social Work, and Certificates in both Adult Education and Positive Education and currently completing her Masters in Parenting! Marie is a highly experienced and sought after consultant and public speaker.

Marie loves to transform and lives to affect postive change. She loves to bring together the best research from the fields of postive psychology and neuroscience, fused with her own experiences and translate them into practical tools we can all use to create more flourishing in our lives.

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Parents - Flourishing Families

What is it that you hope for most for your children?

If you’re like most parents we’ve asked, next to being healthy, you’ll want them to be happy, resilient and have the mindsets needed for success. Fortunately, a wide array of scientific studies show that these are all learned behaviors, skills we can help our children build and maintain

Early Years / Education - Flourishing Foundations

Are staff, children and parents positively flourishing?

We know that when adults in a child’s life are flourishing there’s more chance they will too. Let’s share wellbeing skills with educators and with children, making it an integral part of early years and ongoing education.

Organisations - Fast Forward to Flourishing

Are you flourishing in life and work?

If you want engaged, energetic, connected teams identifying and utilising each other’s strengths to build positivity and peak performance, then we have the workshops for you!
If your work is with families, clients or communities we'll teach you how to share what you learn so that you can let it ripple….

Speaking Engagements

Want Marie to design and deliver a presentation or workshop for you? Keynotes, facilitation, workshops, appreciative inquiry, team building....

Marie loves to talk but she talks to transform. She talks from the heart, challenging mindsets, opening hearts and minds with her playful enthusiasm and passion, always infused with the latest research.


Want some individual, team or family support to learn, live and embed the ways to wellbeing?

Marie offers Positive Psychology coaching, utlising appreciative inquiry and a focus on your strengths to build more of what you’re good at.