Marie offers coaching based on Positive Psychology and the latest neuroscience, helping clients to consistently flourish at home and at work.  

Positive psychology coaching is a scientifically rooted approach to helping clients increase wellbeing, enhance and apply strengths, improve performance and achieve valued goals. The process is loosely based on the Appreciative Inquiry methodology with the added flexibility for both listening and sharing strategies.  Rather than a focus on what’s not working, this style of coaching centres on maximizing strengths, mindsets, and emotional states, seeking key factors of past success and building on them.

For Corporate clients and Educators – You will be offered evidence-based strategies for success and wellbeing, tailored to you needs, that can be learnt, lived and embedded in your life. 

For Parents – The focus will be on of cultivating family flourishing and incorporate the Strength Based Parenting resources.

You will be provided with activities and resources to enhance the process.

Contact Marie to discuss your needs.