The Positive Parent Coach

Meet Marie - Your Positive Parenting Coach

Marie McLeod has done her time in the parenting trenches, raising 3 kids (2 with special needs and twins) and has learnt a lot about staying UP when life pushes you DOWN.

She will be the first to admit that despite being university qualified and having worked in senior roles in Social Work, Positive Psychology and Adult Education, parenting is the hardest job she’s ever done.

Now, Marie wants to share what she wishes she'd known earlier about cultivating flourishing in families. She won’t profess to know it all, but in a heartfelt and humble way, her coaching offers you the benefit of both her lived experience and professional expertise, to help empower your family to flourish.

Over the last decade a growing body of Positive Psychology and Neuroscience research has discovered that there are simple, practical approaches you can take to parenting that will improve you and your child's ability to:

  • Be more resilient in the face of stress or anxiety
  • Understand and develop their strengths
  • Nurture more positive relationships
  • Set meaningful goals
  • Challenge the beliefs that hold them back

Some studies suggest these strategies can inoculate children against depression and anxiety and may boost their academic achievement by as much as 11%.

How is the Positive Parenting Coach framework different?

Our coaching framework uses both:

  • Positive Psychology: The field of psychology that investigates what makes human beings thrive, rather than just survive)
  • Neuroscience: How to understand and get the get the best from your brain

To underpin its coaching framework. It’s not the same as going to a psychologist. In fact, many of our clients say they progress more quickly with our coaching, due to it’s focus on strengths and practical tools to move you from functioning to flourishing.

Good mental wellbeing for children, starts with good mental wellbeing for parents

Easy, right? Hmmm not so fast…… If you’re anything like other parents we’ve coached, you may sometimes find it hard just to keep your own head above water, let alone keeping the kids from drowning!

Do you ever feel like you:

• Struggle to consistently show up as the parent you’d hope you’d be?
• Have difficulty striking the right balance between your roles as parent, partner and professional or having trouble transitioning back into work?
• Have a child who experiences moments of anxiety, anger or sadness that threaten your family’s ability to flourish?
• Wanted to more consistently model resilience, optimism and behaviours needed for success to your kids?
• Feel your family unit could become more closer and connected?
• Wish you had someone in your camp, cheering you on, so that you could “show up and shine” at home and/or work each day?

IF you said YES to one or more of the question above… You’ve come to the right place. We’re here because, not that long ago, we were answering YES to these questions too. We were Surviving not Thriving. While seeking this change, we learnt a bunch of stuff, stuff that is transformative, that we wish we knew earlier and now want to share with you.

If you’re ready to move from FUNCTIONING TO FLOURISHING, book your session with the Positive Parent Coach and press the ‘fast forward to flourishing” button on your life’s remote.

Here’s what you’ll get:

• An approach that values your unique circumstances, strengths and challenges
• No bulls##t, no judgement, no blame – we’ve been there and worse!
• Support to apply practical, evidence based tools, tailored to you and your children
• An email “script” detailing suggested actions and accompanying resources after each session
• A money back guarantee – yep, we’ve been doing this long enough to see the impact in families (see our testimonials. If you don’t feel it’s added value, we’ll refund your money)

Unsure of how Positive psychology and neuroscience can transform your family's life?
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