What’s her story morning glory?

If you were to ask Marie how it is that she can so beautifully relate, translate and make meaningful the knowledge that she shares, she will talk about vulnerability, adversity and then wisdom and hope. You see, as a parent, Marie has done her time in the trenches and lived to want to tell the tale.

Marie and her partner Gary, had 3 children in 2 years and two of the three, have special needs. Marie thinks perhaps she has some “special” needs now too!

Marie has a Bachelor of Social Work (honors), Certificates in both Adult Education and Positive Education. She has worked in child protection in New Zealand and the UK and then as a project manager to large I.T projects building systems for the social services industry. Until the end of 2012 Marie managed major projects in the Victorian Department of Human Services specialising in Neighbourhood Renewal. Now, a Senior Associate with Hawker Brownlow Professional Learning Solutions and the Director of PoPsy which she co founded with Michelle McQuaid in 2015, she lives to share information that can transform lives.