Who is Marie and what’s her Story?

If you were to ask Marie how it is that she can so beautifully relate, translate and make meaningful the knowledge that she shares, she will talk about vulnerability, adversity and then wisdom and hope, about going down and finding the way back up.

After, having 3 children in the space of two years, two with special needs, Marie faced difficulty, experiencing periods of depression, anxiety and feelings of isolation. In finding her way back, looking for ways to enhance her wellbeing and model resilience to her children, she discovered Positive Psychology.

Now that life’s more stable and the family is thriving, Marie shares what she wishes she knew earlier about learning, living and embedding mental wellbeing. As the Director of PoPsy and the founder of the Community Kindness Challenge, she lives to share information that can transform lives.

Qualified in social work, adult education and positive psychology Marie’s work blends a deep understanding of positive psychology with a long-term commitment to community development in vulnerable communities. Marie has worked in Child Protection, Juvenile Justice and Disability. She managed Neighbourhood Renewal in 21 disadvantaged communities in Victoria and is accredited in Dr Ruby Payne’s Bridges out of Poverty.

Now, a key focus of her work is in cultivating community level wellbeing. She achieves this by using her BEACON framework and by developing a range of tailored, community-based positive psychology programs which are successfully being applied by Local Governments, schools, communities and organisations around Australia and NZ.