What's the PoPsy Story?

Well, it goes like this…. It is the year 2005, Marie is struggling. Struggling like many of us do, she has a full on job as a Senior Manager in Government, 3 children aged 4,4 and 2. One of her sons has Aspergers and another has ADHD.
The only support, apart from her partner, is oceans away. She’s no longer the parent she hoped she’d be. She’s feeling depressed, anxious and is diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

Then, as Marie discovered Positive Psychology and began to apply it to herself and her family, a change started to happen. Marie learnt to appreciate what was right, more than what was wrong and to shine a light on the strengths in herself and her children. It didn’t happen easily or overnight, but slowly and surely Marie (and her partner) shifted the family’s dysfunction to function and then, functioning to flourishing (most days!).
Whilst the family continued to make changes, Marie met Michelle McQuaid when their sons become friends at childcare. Michelle is world leader in Strengths and Positive Psychology having studied her Masters in Positive Psychology with the fields founder, Martin Seligman, at the University of Pennsylvania. Michelle was using the evidenced based tools of Positive Psychology in workplaces and large corporates. She knew however, that these same ideas and strategies have just as much value at home and for parents.

Michelle and Marie shared stories and successes as they set about applying this in their families. They soon realized there was real POWER in what they had learnt and that it needed to be shared.

This is how PoPsy was born. Michelle and Marie collaborated over a joint dream - to share the best of Postive Psychology with parents, individuals and educators to give them the hope and tools for creating flourishing families and communities.

So here you have it – grounded in science, delivered with love.

Marie’s heartfelt hope is to share with you some of the things she wishes she knew earlier, in the hope that these will fast-forward you and yours to flourishing.