PoPsy offers professional development and team building sessions for organisations based on the latest research from Positive Psychology and Neuroscience. These workshops help participants learn evidence-based strategies for Flourishing – feeling good and functioning effectively both individually and as teams.

These workshops are designed to boost your employees ability to;

  • Identify, use and cultivate strengths in themselves and their teams
  • Harness the power of positive emotions for learning, connecting, creating and relating
  • Understand how the brain functions and how to use this to their advantage
  • Unlock the magic of growth mindsets
  • Utilise tested strategies to manage stress when it’s not serving them well
  • Discover why relating with others, is the most important thing they do each day, how to authentically connect and respond appreciatively and constructively, to build on the positive culture of your organisation
  • Create goals and positive habits to transform their wellbeing, satisfaction and productivity

Each session contains the latest science, reflection on how it relates to you and our work and the design of a positive habit for you to practice immediately.

A high quality workbook capturing both the science and ideas for practice will be provided

Contact Marie to discuss your needs.