The Positive Parent Coach

What is it that you hope for most for your children?

If you’re like most parents we’ve asked, next to being healthy, you’ll want them to be happy, resilient and have the mindsets needed for success. Fortunately, a wide array of scientific studies show that these are all learned behaviors, skills we can help our children build and maintain

Strength Based Parenting

Can you help your children to flourish?

Research is discovering parents can have a positive impact on their children’s stress levels, helping them to cultivate wellbeing and buffer against ill-being.

Organisations - Fast Forward to Flourishing

Are you flourishing in life and work?

If you want engaged, energetic, connected teams identifying and utilising each other’s strengths to build positivity and peak performance, then we have the workshops for you!
If your work is with families, clients or communities we'll teach you how to share what you learn so that you can let it ripple….

Speaking Engagements

Want Marie to design and deliver a presentation or workshop for you? Keynotes, facilitation, workshops, appreciative inquiry, team building....

Marie loves to talk but she talks to transform. She talks from the heart, challenging mindsets, opening hearts and minds with her playful enthusiasm and passion, always infused with the latest research.