Strength Based Parenting

Do you have what it takes to parent at your best?
Are you able to employ evidence-based strategies to grow grateful, optimistic and resilient children?
Do you have the research and practical tools needed to create flourishing for your family?

What is Strength Based Parenting?

Strength Based Parenting is the PoPsy program for parents and families.

Drawing on what positive psychology and neuroscience have proven about helping to build resilient, confident, grateful and optimistic children, Marie shares with you what she wishes she’d known earlier. She shares her experience of moving her own family toward flourishing and the experiences of other families she’s helped.

Marie delivers her sessions with wit, wisdom, and compassion with the objective of supporting families to focus on what works best for them and how to get more of it.

Some of the areas of focus will be to support parents to…

  • Identify, use and cultivate strengths in themselves and their children
  • Harness the power of positive emotions for learning, connecting, creating and relating.
  • Understand how the brain functions at various ages and how to use this to your advantage including special tips for teens.
  • Unlock the magic of mindsets for success
  • Use and teach, tested strategies to manage stress when it’s not serving you well.

Sessions will give you tested, practical approaches you can immediately apply in your home with a dual focus on you and your children.

Why is Strength Based Parenting different?

Flourishing Families is based on Positive Psychology  – the science of flourishing.  It’s based on research and the understanding that the absence of unhappiness does not mean happiness. It is not a magic bullet, it won’t work unless you work at it. Just as we need to maintain our physical health and fitness we need to maintain our emotional fitness. As parents we have a responsibility to model and teach the skills most likely to protect our children from depression, anxiety and self harm.

PoPsy services differ from mainstream psychology and parenting services that often focus on what’s going wrong, the issues, risks and dysfunction. PoPsy’s services are built on an Appreciative Inquiry methodology that draws attention to families strengths, what’s going well and how to plan for more of what it takes for the family to function and flourish.

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How can we become a PoPsy Flourishing Family?

Services offered include:

  • One to one coaching for parents
  • Family, couple or small group coaching
  • Workshops
  • Online support such as Webinars, skype sessions

Click here to contact PoPsy. Marie will promptly contact you to discuss your needs.

Schools implementing Positive Psychology may also wish to offer the Strength Based Parenting Program for parents so that they can support their children to build the skills being taught at school, at home. PoPsy is currently working with schools in this space.

Contact PoPsy for further information and references.

"Wellbeing should be taught in schools. It's an antidote to depression, a means to increase life satisfaction and improves learning."
Professor Martin Seligman


Workshops and coaching are offered to support schools at any stage on the Postive Education journey.

Delivery options are flexible.

If you are interested in having Professional Development or coaching support for you school please make contact here or call Marie on 0448 597421.